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Tell your Story

Trying to get someone’s attention?

You have an idea, a message, a product, a process, a story. You have a burning desire to get your message across to your target audience. But how to get that message across?  You need to influence your audience in order to change their view, be informed, or be entertained.  And, most of all, you probably want to motivate action.
To succeed, your story needs to grab attention, sustain attention and interest, and deliver content.
Together we can explore this challenge to come up with a winning combination of stimuli and content.

Movement, Colour, Sound, and Content

Fortunately, humans, like other animals, are pre-programmed to respond to certain stimuli.
Responses to movement, colour, sound, and information were used to hunt for food, flee from danger, or create expressive art.  Can you resist looking at a screen at a shopping centre?
A video documentary, carefully crafted, is a powerful tool. It can provide these stimuli, then deliver content which is hard to resist.
Your knowledge of the subject and Ripple Multimedia’s skills as documentary makers and story tellers, make for a powerful combination.

Breaking through with your message.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with competing messages selling product and trying to influence our behaviour. A sincere clear message, put in terms which the target audience can assimilate and react to favourably, is our objective for every documentary or story.

Ripple Multimedia has the skills to craft and present your story.

We are passionate about helping people tell their stories. Our approach to each commission  is based on a platform of mutual respect, transparency, trust, and 100% focus on the client’s brief.
Contact us for a no obligation discussion of aims, objectives, timelines and budgets.